How to install the script on a website

To add the code to your site, follow the tutorial below.

Please note that as of this time, there are two ways to add the code to your site. Both methods will be explained.

Add the Code to a HTML/PHP site

To install the code, log onto Nimble Squirrel and go to the Survey page and click the button “Get Code” –


You can then copy this script and place it on the page of your site that you want to include it.


You can add this code to either your header or your footer of your page (not both your header – red box – and footer – orange box).


After doing this the Nimble Squirrel survey box pop up on your site and ask your survey question.

GC N44

Add the code to WordPress Site

To place the survey on your WordPress site, you can either add the code as in the above mentioned method, to your header.php or footer.php files, or you can download the WordPress plugin – NimbleSquirrel.


You must install the plugin and once activated the Nimble Squirrel menu item will be under the Settings menu option.


You will be taken to a new page and you must enable Nimble Squirrel and select your chosen survey and save the settings.


The result will be the same where the survey will appear on your site as in the image above with the HTML/PHP instructions.

GC N44

If you require any help or extra information in regards to registering and linking a domain, please get in touch with us via our contact page. We are always happy to help!