How to create a survey

To create a survey, follow these three simple steps:

Create a Survey

After you have added your domain, click on the “New Survey” button.


You will see a blank survey screen.


To this screen, you can alter the following items to personalize your survey and responses.

Survey Settings

  • Survey Name – A unique name to identify your survey easily on your dashboard.
  • Popup Delay – The amount of time it takes for the survey to show on your site.
  • Thank You Message – A personal thank you to your user after submitting their response.
  • Layout – You can choose between a square corner or rounded corner survey box.
  • Style – You can choose from a light color scheme or darker color scheme to better suit your site design.

Survey Details

  • Survey Questions – You are able to pose a question to your users that is pertinent to your site or product.
  • Answer – You can make multiple answers to the same question so you can get full feedback on your survey.
  • Add / Remove Answer – You can add the responses most pertinent to your site or remove ones that are no longer needed.
  • Request Explanation – Instead of Yes or No answers, you can ask your users to provide details on their answer for your survey.

You can then customize each of these elements to your site and save the survey.


After saving the survey you’ll be taken back to the dashboard and there will be a small reminder to create and add your code to your site.


Add the Code

Make sure you paste your code into your site correctly by following these instructions. Alternatively, get one of our support staff to add the code for you by filling out this form.

If you require any help or extra information in regards to registering and linking a domain, please get in touch with us via our contact page. We are always happy to help!